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Nexus Plaza
Above this sprawling plaza at the center of the city, a network of
 massiveskyscrapers rockets domeward, linked with a tangle of bridges, tunnels and alatticework elevator system as they compete with each other in their
 questfor heaven. Between them, a gleaming chrome spire launches itself from
 fourmatching phoenixes at the exact center of the square, stretching beyond the confines of the city dome. Two wide staircases descend into the bowels of 
the earth towards the subterranean railway system. Holograms and advertisements
 call out from all directions, creating a sense of claustrophobia despite the fact that this wide-open plaza is at least five hundred feet across.
[ Exits: n e s w d ]
A wide pool is here, recirculating cool, clear water.
Scarlet is standing here.
Anarchy is standing here.
Kokopelli is sitting here.
Anais is standing here.

Kieara Orlina walks in, making her way over to the bench 
previously occupied by her, noticing it's still empty. She 
folds her legs back up under herself crossing them in front 
of her and sitting her bag of candy in her lap.

Cyan Valentine smiles, 'Man, I remember being energetic like you, 
but I was six.

Cyan Valentine smiles, 'But I didn't have anyone like your Daddy there.'

Kieara Orlina quickly blends in with the crowd around her and 
quietly observes the people nearby.

Therese McKenzie exclaims, 'Awwwe. That's too bad. Daddy's the 
bestest thing that ever happened to me. We go prowling around 
all the cool places, and find the dark people, and scare them off!'

Cyan Valentine says, 'Thats good.' 

Lysander Samios invites 'Daddy' to sit in his lap, and scratches 
his head.

Cyan Valentine asks, 'Are you always this happy?' 

Ten Chambers watches Lysander pet Daddy with a smile, inventing 
new fond memories. 

Therese McKenzie says, 'I have been this happy for a while.
 I was happier before my parents disappeared though. Its 
been like that since I was eight, though.'

Cyan Valentine smiles, 'Try never to loose that.' 

Cyan Valentine says, 'Its a lot better to be happy than most 
anything else.' 

Cyan Valentine says, 'I wish I could be like you again.'

Therese McKenzie exclaims, 'Hiya mister!' Mark Guthrie grins, 
'Yo... What up?'Cyan Valentine smiles and leans back on her
 bench as the kid finds a new mark to talk to.

Therese McKenzie looks from Cyan to Mark. She smiles brightly,
 and chases after her cat, scooping him up in her arms. 'Meet Daddy.'

Mark Guthrie snickers.

Ten Chambers chuckles at the little girl.

Therese McKenzie holds the big black tomcat out to him in 
offering. 'wanna hold 'im?'

Cyan Valentine smiles towards Mark and watches quietly.

Therese McKenzie indicates Cyan. 'That lady over there said
 it was ok. He's a nice kitty cat.'
Mark Guthrie glances around nervously.

Mark Guthrie says, 'Uhu... Yeah.. Ok.. I guess...'

Therese McKenzie shoves the cat roughly into Mark's arms, 
and giggles. 'He's a niiiice kitty cat.' 

Cyan Valentine nods towards Mark. 

Therese McKenzie asks, 'What's your name, missster?'

Mark Guthrie awkwardly tries to grab the cat and hold it
 steady, 'Uhu.. Goochie goo...'

Therese McKenzie giggles, and watches Mark with her 'Daddy'.

Mark Guthrie says, 'Err.. Mark's mah name... You?' trying 
to scratch the cat in a way it's supposed to like.

Mark Guthrie asks, 'Nice.. uhu.. kitten... you got. 'Daddy', eh?'

Mark Guthrie asks, 'What kinda name is that? Father of many?'

Mark Guthrie snickers, though somewhat forced, trying to i
gnore the claws scratching his bare arm. 

Ten Chambers comes to terms with her new fond memories 
and basks in their glow while she watches Mark handle the cat.

Therese McKenzie chuckles, and watches 'Daddy's scramble 
off into the shadows of the alleys.

Therese McKenzie says, 'I think Daddy likes you, mister.'

Therese McKenzie looks up at Mark with big, cloudy green eyes.

Therese McKenzie twirls around in her spot, and bounces 
over to Cyan again.

Mark Guthrie straightens and turns to Therese, 'Heh.. 

you think so? Maybe... Hey, I didn't catch your name.. Wuzit again?'

Cyan Valentine smiles again, ' Hello again.'

Therese McKenzie turns back to the man. 'I'm Therese. 
People all call me Tree though, cos its eaissier, mister.'

Mark Guthrie glances at Cyan and snickers.

Mark Guthrie grins, 'Tree, uh? Good name... You can call 
me Mark... Don't need this 'mister' thing...'
Therese McKenzie nods. 'Ok, mister.. I mean, uhh. Mark..'
Mark Guthrie nods, 'That's better...'

Therese McKenzie smiles, and chews thoughtully on her
 pinky finger.

Therese McKenzie skips up to Mark again, being more interesting 
than a yawing Cyan. 'So, mister, whatcha do for a living? 
Erm, sorry, bad habit. I mean Mark.. '

Cyan Valentine thinks a moment, chewing at her lip.

Mark Guthrie says, 'Hehehe... What I do? I do lotsa stuff...
 Whatever makes me some money...'
Kieara Orlina pushes her hair back out of her face, shifting 
slightly in her seat. Her attention attracted to the girl 
with the cat and her crowd surrounding her.

Therese McKenzie says, 'OK, mister.'

Therese McKenzie runs around.

Therese McKenzie says, 'Are you a corpie? Daddy doesn't 
like corpies. I like wireheads though.' 
Mark Guthrie asks, 'Do I look like a suit to you?'

Kieara Orlina smiles, a trace of amusment showing up in her eyes.

Cyan Valentine watches quitly, glancing around the plaza a little more.

Mark Guthrie follows the girl with his eyes, smiling slightly.

Kieara Orlina grabs a gummi bear out of the little candy bag in front of her and pops it into her mouth, taking in the male the girl appears to be dancing around.

Therese McKenzie smiles widely.

Mark Guthrie shakes his head, shifting his weight to the other foot, 'So...
 Where's your mom and pop now?'

Therese McKenzie tilts her head. 'Where are you from, mister Mark?'

Mark Guthrie kneels on the ground, trying to decide weather he has the girls attention or not, 'I'm from... Valsetz... At least that's where I lived before I got here..'

Kayenn Deschain
A tall frail looking teenager stands before you, his deathly pale skin 
contrasting his dark, bloodred hair perfectly. He seems to be deeply immersed in thought as he gazes around his surroundingsthrough yellow tinted lenses, a perpetual frown of disinterest on his face. Though he looks to be nomore then
 18, he presents himself with quiet grace, and an aura of wisdom that belies his age.
Geist is in perfect condition.

Kayenn Deschain nods his head remotely at the people in the room.

Kayenn Deschain says, 'Hey there..'

Cyan Valentine coughs a little, nodding towards the newecomer.

Mark Guthrie glances up, smiling in interest at Kayenn Deschain.

Kieara Orlina smiles slightly, her eyes trailing over the person greeting the 


Kayenn Deschain says, 'Hmmm, I'm new here... but I was told by a friend that if

 I needed someone to show me around, a lady named Kieara was the one to come 

Cyan Valentine looks around the plaza, knowing thats not her name.

Kayenn Deschain shrugs solemnly.

Kieara Orlina reaches down into her lap and withdraws a Gummi Bear, mearly watching the young man as he speaks her name.

Cyan Valentine shrugs and looks back towards Mark. 

Kayenn Deschain coughs loudly to get the rooms attention. 

Kayenn Deschain asks, 'Is there a lady named Kieara here?'

Kieara Orlina quietly stands up, stretching a bit as she does so. 

Kieara Orlina glances over at the man before heading away from the plaza in a 
brisk walk to the South.

South Hatan
These steel temples to commerce soar thousands of feet into the sky. Theystand 
as a testament to the power and ability of their creators to moldand shape 
nature to their will. Far above, the majestic dome that embracesNew Aurora does 
its job, keeping out toxins and the deadly light of the sun.To the east the 
city police headquarters rents space from Gothchilde, Inc., and to the west is 
the tall phoenix-shaped headquarters of New Aurora, Inc.
[Exits: n e s w ]

Kayenn Deschain says, 'Is your name Kieara by chance? I noticed you reacted to
 that name' 

Kayenn Deschain asks, 'If you aren't could you direct me to where I might meet 

Kieara Orlina leans back against the building, watching as you arrive from the 
north, slowly taking in your apperance before answering in a low voice. 'I'm 
afraid you've been misinformed. I'm not Kieara, nor do I know one. Why are you 
looking for her?'

Kayenn Deschain says, 'I was told she might help me, if I needed anything here.
 From a friend of mine, I could be wrong.'

Kieara Orlina asks, 'Which friend would this be?' 

Kayenn Deschain asks, 'I'm sorry to bother you, do you know where I might find 

Kayenn Deschain asks, 'What concern would that be of yours, if you aren't Kieara?'

Kieara Orlina rolls her eyes, quickly shoving the small candy bag she'd been 
holding into the purse hanging to her hip. 'I'm curious why your friend would send you into a city this size and not tell you what this Kieara person looks 

Kieara Orlina says, 'Or where you could meet them.'

Kayenn Deschain grunts knowingly.

Kayenn Deschain says, 'Yes well, I left in some haste... from a situation that
 I don't intend to discuss with you on a street corner, now or ever unless you happen to be who I am looking for.'

Kieara Orlina pushes off the wall, glancing over your form once more. 'I've
 already said I am not, but perhaps I know a place that can help you though.'

Kayenn Deschain asks, 'Now, I know you are who I am looking for, I knew from the second I mentioned your name... I'm not your.. typical teenager. So lets cut the bullshit, will you help me or not?'

Kieara Orlina laughs. 'You know nothing of me child, if you did you wouldn't 
act this way towards me. Are you willing to follow me now?'

Kayenn Deschain smirks, amused at this turn of events. 

Kayenn Deschain says, 'Is that so. Well, you know little about me aswell... too little to make such a bold statement'

Kieara Orlina turns away a bit, walking slowly towards the south, giving plenty of time for you to follow her.

Kieara Orlina shakes her head slightly, not bothering to return any remarks to the comment made last.

South Hatan
Steplike, the steel constructs around you steadily increase in size as theymarch northwards, towards the city's hub. A black dome on the west side ofthe street stares down, ominously, emanating dark thoughts and a chill air.A 
sign above the door proclaims it to be some sort of coffeehouse or bar.
[ Exits: n s w ]

Kayenn Deschain follows cautiously behind, observing the unusual woman who has become his guide.

Kieara Orlina smiles up at the building in front of her, nodding to a man standing in front of what appears to be a coffee shop.Kieara Orlina walks over 
to the door, swinging it open and walking in, not paying attention if she is
 still being followed.

The Coffee Crypt
The opaque dome of this oddly-shaped coffeehouse lets little light in,meaning that the flickering candles and dimly lit chandeliers are the onlysource of illumination. Figures huddle in couches and chairs, muttering quietly amongst themselves and reading books of poetry.Occasionally,someone will go down the dark staircase next to the bookshelf and notreturn.
[ Exits: e d ]
A pale bouncer stands here.
A pale bouncer stands here.

Kayenn Deschain eyes the establishment he has just been led to, paying particular attention to the ghouls that frequent it.

Kayenn Deschain asks, 'Where is this... and why have we come here?'

Kieara Orlina makes her way through the room, smiling at the bouncer by the back stairs. She leans in towards him, whispering something to him before heading off down the stairs quietly.

Coffeehouse Basement
Crates filled with unknown foodstuffs and boxes filled with various drinksline the walls of this dark basement, lit only by a flickering neon globe.Dark passages stretch off in all four cardinal directions via downwardsloping concrete tunnels. Glowing red eyes reflect the amber light back atyou and then vanish into the shadows. 
[ Exits: n e s w u]

Kieara Orlina smirks a bit, not bothering to answer the comment just yet.

Kieara Orlina walks quickly over to a door on the left, entering the finely decorated lounge.

Vampiric Lounge
Plush red cushions and velvet couches are strewn about this small, cavelikeroom, which is lit by a red neon bulb which stretches around the room in anunbroken strip. The scent of incense wafts through the air, though there isno visible source for it. A small hand-carved plaque hangs on the wall.
[Exits: e ]
A black-clothed man relaxes here, slaking his thirst. 

Kayenn Deschain continues gazing about himself, deep in thought, apparently willing to let his guide play this strange game with him.

A black-clothed vampire asks, 'You're a real cutie, do you know that?' 

Kayenn Deschain laughs heartily, exposing just the edge of a pair of white fangs. 

Kayenn Deschain says, 'I pray you are talking to the lady..'

Kieara Orlina walks back to the couch along the back wall, sitting down upon the soft velvet cushions.

Kayenn Deschain sits across from the quixotic woman who has led him here.

Kieara Orlina folds her legs up under herself criscrossed. She cocks her head to the side, taking a long look at you once more before speaking in a soft tone. 'What brings you to this town boy?'

Kayenn Deschain rests his head on his hand feigning deep thought before responding.

Kieara Orlina shoves her short black hair behind her ear, appearing nothing more than a teenager in clothing and actions, waitng for an answer.

Kayenn Deschain says, 'Adventure, Destiny, Boredom, Refuge.. take your pick.' 

Kayenn Deschain says, 'Perhaps one, Perhaps none... Perhaps all of the above..'

Kieara Orlina says, 'There is no adventure in New Aurora only destruction... If that is what you seek look elsewhere.'

Kayenn Deschain shrugs. 

Kayenn Deschain says, 'I know not yet what I seek, all I know is the chains of fate have drawn me here, for better or worse' 

Kayenn Deschain grunts gruffly before his hostess can speak again.

Kieara Orlina laughs, a bit hauntingly. 'Well leave now before your corrupted dear child. This town has no room for those without a plan.' 

Kayenn Deschain asks, 'Care to let me know who you are?'Kayenn Deschain says, 'I have been corrupted for a long time -child- most likely before you were born, so why don't we just drop the charade'

Kieara Orlina smirks. 'My name is Ms. Orlina. I run the Casino here in town. Yourself?'

Kayenn Deschain says, 'My name..... is Kayenn Deschain, I am but a traveler, looking for a place to call home.'

Kayenn Deschain smirks. 

Kayenn Deschain says, 'Home... such a strange word to my ears, but I suppose it applies...' 
Kayenn Deschain says, 'Just as much as the word haunt does, in any case'

Kieara Orlina shakes her head, all the humor drained from her face at once, giving her the apperance of more than just your typical teen. 'This is no ones home. Find yourself a different reason to stay or die within the streets.'

Kieara Orlina pulls her knee up to her chest, her arms moving to encircle it and hold it to her. She lowers her head, resting it upon her knee as she quietly studies you, a look of curiousity, dislike and something unknown mixed in her pale green eyes.

Kayenn Deschain leans back and enjoys the serene ambience of the room, having learned long ago that sometimes silence can tell you more then speech.

Kieara Orlina nods a bit, raising her head up off her knee. 'So who is your friend? How come he didn't send you here, it's more your type of people.'

Kayenn Deschain says, 'To be perfectly honest with you, there was no friend, and I knew not about this place'

Kayenn Deschain says, 'I stumbled upon the croud in the plaza, saw you... and I guess you could say, I divined your name'

Kayenn Deschain says, 'You seemed like... my type'

Kayenn Deschain says, 'Everything else that I have told you is true however... not that I have told you much.'

Kieara Orlina laughs. 'Umm no, if you had figured out -my- name, I would have answered you. And had you been trying I would have known.'

Kayenn Deschain asks, 'Are you so sure of everything?'

Kieara Orlina glances out the door, noticing one of the off-duty bouncers watching from the opposite wall.

Kieara Orlina turns her attention back to you, giving a slight shrug as she does so. 'In this case yes.'

Kayenn Deschain grins maliciously as his eyes lock on yours.

Kayenn Deschain says, 'I think, you think too much of yourself... if you were wise, you would realize how much you don't know'

Kieara Orlina chuckles. 'Oh I realize I don't know everything my dear. I just happen to know you are alot more uninformed.'

Kieara Orlina says, 'If only for the simple fact you came here for a 'home'.'

Kayenn Deschain says, 'Well it would seem we both believe the same thing about each other'

Kieara Orlina shrugs, standing up and straightening her clothing. 'We'll see how long you can fend here alone then if you wish. The coffee shop is open to you, just tell the bouncer you're my customer.'

Kayenn Deschain says, 'However... I have the advantage of foreknowledge, I have been studying the... species here for a long time, and I have learnt about your limited capacity to control the nanites..'

Kayenn Deschain says, 'It would be impossible for you to even fathom, what I know of us'

Kieara Orlina smirks. 'If you wish to discuss building with people, speak to ASA and stay away from these clubs once you do, otherwise, I have nothing more to discuss with you.'

Kayenn Deschain grunts.

Kayenn Deschain asks, 'Sit down, please?'

Kayenn Deschain says, 'I must say, I wasn't expecting the populace here to be so uppity'

Kieara Orlina starts to walk out towards the bouncer, before hearing this and turning back, making no move to return. 'For what purpose child? Do you think your going to teach me something relevant?'

Kayenn Deschain laughs loudly, with real mirth.

Kayenn Deschain says, 'That... is up to you'

Kayenn Deschain says, 'But please, you must excuse my awkward advances... if you would give me a second chance, it would be most appreciated'

Kayenn Deschain says, 'Sometimes my arrogance gets the best of me, you understand'

Kieara Orlina folds her arms across her chest, still making no move to sit back down. She stares at you, with calm green eyes, patiently waiting.

Kayenn Deschain raises and inquisitive eyebrow.

Kayenn Deschain asks, 'The pupil wishes to have knowledge without the required sacrificed?'

Kayenn Deschain says, 'Sit down.. and we will talk'

Kieara Orlina rolls her eyes, getting more and more annoyed by the minute. 'If you wish to speak tell me now what it is about, I don't have time to waste with you in this 'friendly' little banter we have been having.'

Kieara Orlina asks, 'Well?'

Kayenn Deschain looks into your eyes, and for a second an image of rape passes through your mind.

Kayenn Deschain says, 'You have much to learn about the world child, I will not tolerate this... now, or ever'

Kayenn Deschain says, 'Good day, I suggest you stay out of my wake'

Kieara Orlina laughs. 'You obviously don't know New Aurora. Especially if you think that is something new.'

Kayenn Deschain walks out the door and up the stairs.

Kieara Orlina stares after him, a thoughtful, angry look swirling around in her pale green eyes.