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For Iconoclasts, by Iconoclasts... If you want to send me a list of what you're up to, I will make a chart on this page...maybe we can get some contests rolling, do what we can.. New Players come in every day, I think this is a great sign for us all, If we do our share we can revive the RP scene and get things kickin' once again....There is about 75k of credits in the Clast lounge, incase you dont know. We can use it, but mostly for RP. And if we ever need any props (limbs, heads, etc etc..) Ask Ean. Since I really don't know what you all are up to right now, I have taken that section out. But please send me a list and I will be glad to put it up here. THANKS!

POSSIBLE CONTEST IDEAS...Send Me an Email, lets get some of this going..
  • Writing Contest.."My first idea is a short story contest.
    Ask the icons to produce a work, which takes place within the
    Iconoclast world, similar in length to the stories posted on the
    official website. Prizes could be given for first, second, and
    third place. My thoughts on prizes were 5,000 credits for first
    place, 2,500 credits for second place, and 1,000 credits for
    third place. (Also, if Lisa agrees, perhaps the stories could
    be posted on let me know what you think.
    Feedback is always appreciated"

  • Graphic Art, or Design Contests

  • Photography ??(Dont know how this would fly)

  • Fine art, drawing, painting, etc..

  • ASCII art (yea baby!)

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